Monika Venohr - J�rgen Faulenbach
Monika Venohr - Jürgen Faulenbach
The Crew from the SY PRASLIN - 2012

Monika Venohr
Monika Venohr
By profession I am BTA and did my job terminated at short notice in nuclear medicine after I Jürgen met three months before his departure to the circumnavigation. My previous leisure I had devoted exclusively to horses and had no idea of sailing and am never before been on a sailing ship. That was in 2004!

J�rgen Faulenbach
Jürgen Faulenbach
Professionally, I worked with the planning and construction in the field of electrical engineering of industrial plants.
The beginning of sailing was on a dam. The dinghy sailing was short-lived and the first thing we went to Turkey Charter . After the first cruise on a yacht the dinghy sailing was less and instead chartered yachts over again. It also matured the idea to perform a circumnavigation . With time and experience then a possible yacht was favored , which should be rigged as a ketch , as to which should be 12 meters long and made ​​of steel. Then began the search for a ship .
In 2001 I took over a newspaper the ANTARES , still at the time in Bad Schwartau - lay Baltic Sea. The ANTARES had the right size , is a ketch and built of steel at Feltz in Hamburg. At the equipment was missing in my opinion still a lot and so some modifications were made ​​. In addition I also drove the ship through the channels to Dortmund and then on to Isselmeer . A year later , we went through the English Channel to Portugal to the final work to be done. In summer 2004, Moni started and I then from Lisbon .

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