Flight back from Curacao over Caracas ( La Guaira ) to Porlamar More

24.07.2009 Sonne 32°C 15kt Wind E Actuell Position : 10° 57.99' N 064° 09.0' W
At 07:00 o'clock we are fetched in the shipyard and goes to the airport (HATO) in Curacao. At 09:00 o'clock our flight goes to Caracas with the Dutch Antillis express (Fokker 100). After 30 min we are in Caracas (by ship it was 4 days). After a stay of 2,5 hours get's wider with the Aeropostal according to Porlamar. With a taxi it decreases into the shipyard to the Antares. Now the jobs wait at the Antares, run-off water ship delete and so some more. ( )

One day in Curacao More

23.07.2009 Sonne 32°C 15 kt Wind E Actuell Position : 12° 06.6' N 068° 54.99' W
Overnight we are on the dock. Now at the morning we move the OKEY 6 to the slip railroad. The OKEY 6 is lifted of the water and put into the shipyard. We have still the last night on board. Then the ship comes into the storege field in which one can not sleep more on board and do also any jobs at the ship. In the afternoon we do the remaining paper jobs in the place and clear during the Immigration from. ( )

In the Yard Curacao Marine in Willemstad More

22.07.2009 Sonne 32°C 10 kt Wind E Actuell Position : 12° 06.6' N 068° 54.99' W
In the morning we visit a another ship and make an inspection on a Reinke S 10, that is accidental also in the Spaanse Water before lever and that we have in the task. Then it becomes to lift time the lever and to go into the shipyard on our last ride. Therefore from that from the Spaanse Water and at Curacao past direction NW to the entrance into the St. Anna Bay in Willemstad. In Willemstad there is a big pontoon-bridge which must be opened for us. By VHF we take contact to the "Curacao Port control" on and ask for the permission of the entrance into the Bay. We queue a small moment in front of the bridge until this waves slowly to the side. In the channel we prepare all to the creating and moor at the footpath in the shipyard. The Curacao Marine is very full and only with reservation one gets a place here. ( )

13 sm to Spaanse Water - Curacao More

21.07.2009 Sonne 32°C 15 kt Wind E Actuell Position : 12° 04.69' N 068° 51.0' W
From Klein Curacao to Spaanse water it is only 14 nautical mile. We do not have it urgently and spend our time more with pleasure as long as it still works in Klein Curacao. Soon our journey is past and when we return at such beautiful place. At 09:00 o'clock the first "Daycharter" Boats come from Curacao to Klein Curacao. The tourists transfer a day here at the white sandy beach. We work ourselves from the buoy loosely and with wind of sternwe go direction Spaanse Water. The entry to the Spaanse Water is built a Hyat Hotel with gulf plant arises. We go to the anthor field, that appears to us in Venezuela as small and full after long time. On 6 m of depth we drop the anchor. ( )

From Isla Sal to Klein Curacao More

20.07.2009 Sonne 32°C 20 kt Wind SSE Actuell Position : 11° 59.19' N 068° 37.99' W
Again a greater stage, from Isla Sal to Klein Curacao it is about 70 nautical miles. We would not like In Any Case in the dark in Klein Curacao arrive. Therefore we already at 01:30 o'clock get up and and open around 02:30 anchor o'clock. At wind from east with 15-20 kt we do well 6 kt to ride. We put down the course a little first of all from the mainland to north away come and in order to come into deeper water. On the way dolphins accompany us. When we watch them during the driving, we discover a little further two large Wahle which lie calmly in the water. We sail 6-7 kt with Genua and mizzen and come in the late afternoon in Klein Curacao at and go there at a buoy. The island is uninhabited, next to us another further sailing yacht lies. Rests pure and clean water for the cooling down. ( )

Isla Larga to Isla Sal More

19.07.2009 Sonne 32°C 15 kt Wind SSE Actuell Position : 10° 56.7' N 068° 15.99' W
Isla Larga is not far from Puerto Cabello. Every morning tourists with wood boats are brought to the island. We get up at 08:00 o'clock, breakfasts and cool off in the water. Before the first tourists are there we have pulled the lever. Isla Sal is our next destination, 32 nautical miles, course 300 °. First of all we have still no wind what is due also to the proximity to the coast. We put mainsail and mizzensail and wait for wind. From Puerto Cabello one comes 3 mast silavessel run out, that is on eastern course. It is the training ship of the Venezuela navy. After 2 hours ride under engine we can set also the Genua and drive then under sail wider. The wind keeps on increasing with the time, and we do not want to claim the sails too very much. We drop the mailsail and those ones reef something to Genua. In the afternoon at 14:30 we reached the Isla Sal, go behind the island before anchor and are right in the venezuelanischen tourist hubbub. There are vacations in Venezuela and Isla Sal is a vacation island. ( )

Puerto Azul direction west More

18.07.2009 Bewölkt 30°C 5 kt Wind W Actuell Position : 10° 29.29' N 067° 55.99' W
At 5:00 o'clock we get up, must arrange only still the shrore power. Because we do not know the ship, we decide to go only during the day. Our first stop is supposed to be Isla Larga, about 70 nautical miles lie before us, a long day. The wind comes from west!! With ca 5 kt. we drive waistcoats under direction engine. The wind stays from west around the 5-10 kt, therefore we must go under engine. The mountains on land are high with Purto Azul around the 2000 m and run along the coast. When we start, the clouds lie on the mountain tops. Slowly the sun gains strength and the clouds dissolve. We lose 20:00 to h in Isla Larga at and it is already dark. To have started there we the anchorage already repeatedly is not to drive it through the two reefs for us any great problem. It is not to be recommended in any case, however, otherwise the place in the darkness start. ( )

Club Nautico - Puerto Azul More

17.07.2009 Bewölkt 30°C 5 kt Wind E Actuell Position : 10° 37.29' N 066° 43.99' W
We make ourselves go well it. Actually is, a vacation is supposed to be these sailtrip for us. Therefore breakfasts we in the restaurant in the club. We do a round then through the entire club plant and staunen as in a well-kept way here everything is. In the club it gives also a Shop where we buy a substitute battery for ourselves. Then it decreases to the ship and we make preparations for the ride, the sails hit and check everything once again through. With Bruno we fetch in the afternoon our papers and clear with the port master from. At the next morning we want to lay down in the case of sunrise, that is like this by 5:30 o'clock. Bruno introduced us to his family. They wanted to say goodbye also to the ship. At the evening Bruno invited us to the supper in the restaurant. ( )

Flight to Caracas / La Guaira More

16.07.2009 Bewölkt 30°C 5 kt Wind E Actuell Position : 10° 37.29' N 066° 43.99' W
Two days we unpacked time our bags and to equip for the crossing with the sailing yacht Amel Maramu 48 of Caracas to Curacao. We do not need much, to want to buy provisions we at the mainland. In the morning it starts with the taxi to Caracas to the airport in Margarita (Aeropuerto del Caribe) and with the Aeropostal (la Guaira / Aeroporto International De Maiquetia). The before owner, Bruno M. fetches us from the airport and brings us to the ship in the Marina Puerto Azul. At the entry an office is where we identify ourselves and pictured must let. The Marina Puerto Azul is a private yacht club to that only to have members entrance. The club is very well-kept. Schwimming pools, grounds, playgrounds, suit to the 5000 members among other things for children and several restaurants availably. Motor yachts are mainly due to four at best built up footpaths as everywhere in Venezuela. Here, however, also right many sailing yachts, and other are 6 Amels and a Hanseatic League 630 for our surprise. The berths are only for members, unless it should be by chance a place, also a visitor may be invited. The Travellift and repair plants are available also to other yachts. ( )

Anchor field Porlamar - to the yard More

28.05.2009 Sonne 29°C 15kt Wind E Actuell Position : 10° 57.0' N 063° 48.99' W
We lie now almost 1 year in Porlamar. The time Hier we have spent with working on our yacht market ( and providing ship, yachts and boats. In the last two months we deleted the deck of the Antares again, it was necessary. We both must visit now to Germany around once our families. Also the vegetation is so strong after now 2 years at the Antares, that we of the water must. Here in Margarita is a shipyard that has also another place for us and we can surely put the schiff there. To have this morning around 0900 we after 2 hours scrub the anchor cable clean and pull up the anchor. We drive the 13 nautical miles with machine and slow ride to the shipyard. Arrived near the shipyard we lie down before the crane box onto the footpath.
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