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Aguilas - San Pedro More

02.10.2018 Sonne 27°C 12 kt SE Actuell Position : 36° 54.11' N 001° 58.77' W
After a long time in the area of Aguilas and Cartagena we drive south. Early in the morning we clear the anchor and drive off the bay. Somewhere outside there is a little wind and we can sail, albeit slowly first. After we passed the fish farm in front of Aguilas we set the gennaker and the speed increases noticeably. In the late afternoon we reach the bay of San Pedro and drop the anchor. The bay can only be reached by boat, or just on foot. In the bay live some hippies in caves or self-built houses. There are also two bars on the beach.

Aguilas - Bahia Levante More

14.09.2018 Sonne 31°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 37° 24.25' N 001° 34.01' W
Aguilas has two bays separated by the fort, actually three, the third further east and the ore loading facility. The western, Poniente, is much larger, but also open and with sandy beach and hotels. We are located in the eastern, Bahia Levante, and here is also the city port and the fishing port. In the west or southwest one lies on the western side, otherwise most in the eastern bay. The seabed is often sand with grass, only in the eastern part are some pure sand. In the western part it is because of the proximity to the port also restless, but you are close to the center. In most cases, the entire bay is safe in the summer months.

Aguilas Erzanlage More

08.09.2018 Sonne 30°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 37° 24.24' N 001° 34.91' W
Ore mining was operated until the 1960s near Aguilas. In order to transport the mined ores and silver, the English built a railway line and a loading facility for ships, which were then loaded with the ore. The loading bridge is still preserved today and the bunker plant, which once held 50,000 tons, is still available and can be visited.

Aguilas More

02.09.2018 Sonne 29°C 7 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 24.24' N 001° 34.91' W
The link is a LIVE webcam of the "Bahia Levante" in Aguilas. ( )

Aguilas - Mazarrón More

13.08.2018 Sonne 31°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 34.02' N 001° 15.28' W
Aguilas - Mazarrón - Tracks from Live Scores
After a few days in Aguilas we drive a bit to the east. The wind comes from the southwest today which is rare in the current season and we can sail. However, the wind strength at around 10 knots (19 km / h) and the aft direction is not much. We set the gennaker and we drive with a good 5 knots. In the late afternoon we are in Mazarrón and drop anchor in front of the village.

Almerimar - Shtandart - Штандартъ More

11.04.2018 Sonne 22°C 22 kt WSW Actuell Position : 36° 41.72' N 002° 47.60' W
On the way from Alicante to Cádiz, the replica of Shtandart arrives in Almerimar. There is a wind coming and the ship is taking a break on the way. ( )

Scanti Petri - Ensenada de Bolonia More

07.10.2016 Sonne 26°C 12 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 05.1' N 005° 46.59' W
The plan is now to go to Barbate and then with the right wind and then the current to come to Gibraltar and the road to pass. After we have cleared the anchor and are out of the river, we set the sails and we drive slowly south. The Cap Trafalgar we reach around 1400 clock and we decide to continue to drive a few nautical miles, as for the next day little wind is predicted. At about 1700 we reach a small bay near Ensenada de Bolonia and anchor at the lake. On land, there are some ruins of Roman settlements and a large sand dune just west of our anchorage.

Rota - Scanti Petri More

06.10.2016 Sonne 25°C 12 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 24.3' N 006° 12.6' W
Rota - Scanti Petri - Tracks from Live Scores
After 3 days in Rota it continues in the morning and today only to Scanti Petri. That's 20 nautical miles and they are fast. We were already in Scanti Petri and know the flow that can stand there in the driveway. Today is better and we lie down for a night further back in the river.
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