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A few organizational things The clear inward goes in Marina Office Fairly easy (with EU passport) because Gibraltar is not EU territory. Everything in Gibraltar is tax exempt but that does not necessarily mean that everything is inexpensive and everything is excellent in British Pound (GBP) and is charged with GBP. Exploring it may happen that an exchange rate of £ 1 to 2 € is required on the other side are diesel and petrol quite favorable, for diesel € 42 cents per liter and petrol for € 55 cents per liter. There is still the airport which is also unique and we spent three days located next to the runway with the ship and seen some takeoffs and landings, it's something different than usual Ange Flew only from the UK and with British Airways -. Monarch - easyJet , and the five to eight times a day with models such as the A320. Gibraltar in often has a main street which is full of shops, restaurants and bars. From there further to the marina still the Ocean village with some shops, restaurants, bars and a casino zusätzllich it.
The film "The Skipper" with Jürgen Prochnow as skipper was filmed in parts here and the ship was in the then Sheppard Marina at the pier before the skipper launched in the Caribbean from here.
Then there are the monkeys that inhabit the rock of Gibraltar and it should be around 50 km of tunnels in rocks, a small part we could see.
Marina Bay (Marina Sheppard) Info:
Yachts 12m 15.5 £ / day in high season
No Tax / water extra / electricity extra / WIFI included

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