Outboard Yamaha 5 BS (3/3)
14.06.2019 Sonne 28°C 9 kt SW
Next test on the boat and then the next problem, starting no problem, only after a short drive no gasoline and engine dies.
Disconnect engine and disassemble, this time remove the carburetor and look. The float chamber is completely dry when unscrewing, so no gasoline in the carburetor. Remove nozzles, these are clean. In the gasoline inlet, however, is a lot of dirt. The nozzle has a small rubber seal which is only 50% available. So clean everything, replace rubber seal, build everything together and test again on the boat.
Now the engine is running and also the fuel supply is working.
The last act is now the setting of carburetor and ignition. The breaker contact is set to 0.35 mm distance, the mixture screw screwed on the carburetor about 1 turn and reset the idle gas. Engine is running better and has more power.
We readjusted the settings on the carburetor a few times, even when the engine was running warm. So far, the engine is running well, and also starts pulling once.

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