The first Trip - Morayra
09.12.2012 Sonne 17°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 40,9 N 000° 09,8' E
The first trip with the PRASLIN is fast. Denia we refuel again at the gas station and make the diesel tank full. Following the termination, we have aft winds with about 20 knots. Even an ordinary wave is here, and it rocks aft a bit, but after a short time we will change the course and jibe the sail and from then it is more convenient to move the yacht. The 10 nm to the Cape are covered in 1.5 hours, then we turn to the west and go in calm seas for our first anchorage. Afternoon by 15 clock we drop the anchor. The next day we grow the solar cells, and thus have ever heard Electric Power.

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