Cajo San Pedro
30.12.2012 Actuell Position : 36° 53,8 N 001° 57,3' W
After Cale de San Pedro we go under sail, Genoa with only aft winds. At 30.12 in the afternoon by 15 clock we drop by 7 m depth the anchor, Cale de San Pedro. We have light swell in the bay and fall winds. The place is not as quiet as we have presented to us. On the beach for us is strikingly unexpected happenings. High up in the cliff face we see walkers on a narrow path. We note that there appears to only provide them with a path to the bay. No motorable roads or paths. Only later when sundowner we see more and more small huts and houses in the rocks. Apparently hollow rocks are inhabited. A door can be seen just before and laundry hanging out to dry and then also with the slope. Many of the small accommodations have solar panels and a satellite dish on the roof. Even the small dilapidated castle appears to be inhabited.

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