El Ejido - Almerimar
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El Ejido is a Spanish town in the autonomous region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It belongs to the province of Almería and is marked by growing vegetables in greenhouses. The city is one of the richest in Spain. El Ejido is Europe's largest agro-industrially used "winter garden". El Ejido many vegetables are grown, and much of the population is dependent on vegetable farming, which led to a degree of prosperity. The greenhouses used for growing cover a large area of land, a total of approximately 36,000 hectares are covered with plastic, which has the region the epithet "Mar del Plástico". It is the world's largest acreage under slide. Each year, about 3 million tons of greenhouse vegetables are produced. In recent years, mainly with the gains recorded harvests. The winter crop is the most profitable while in El Ejido. ( )

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