Preparing to leave the Caribbean - "packing"
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Of the Antares, we still have some parts that are to Europe. The largest of these are the outboard and the solar cell, but there are also the many small things that accumulate in this way. There we purchased a box, 1 x 1 x 1.5 m (1.5 m3), which is then sent by sea to Denia. The box must be Seaworthy and should go with a container ship on the trip. The GEESTLINE is hired as a forwarder. In St Lucia a few papers are required to procure a customs broker. The building materials for a case is to get in a hardware store and assemble a joiner of anything. A week before the scheduled departure of the box in Rodnay Bay Marina is clearly loaded. We have everything packed and the box then by forklift from Island Water World (Shipchandler) loaded onto a truck to move to the harbor. ( )

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