Meeting in the morning - very large crude carrier
06.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 33,8' N 001° 03.7' W
In the morning we lift the anchor. Our anchorage was perfect selected despite darkness last night, we were on the edge of large anchor fields for tankers, and Cartagena is a city of oil, with an investor for oil tankers, which then also lie at anchor just outside the port. The bay is quite large and so some tanker fit there. We drive under engine to the east by the armature field. Advance is such a giant? Or the driving? And if the drive wherever he wants. It can not be seen from a distance. As we come closer, we have almost reached him, because we recognize that the tanker moves very slowly (1 kt) to the front. A part of the crew are on deck and waving to us. We can after 2 hours lift the sails and go on track Alicante. In the evening we anchored off a small island south of Alicante.

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