Porto Colom
20.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 39° 24,9' N 003° 16,0' E
The following day, it is about 3 nm further to Porto Colom. Porto Colom is a large natural bay that is safe in all weather conditions and it should come from the west, according to Forecast up to 35 kt. But like almost everywhere in Mallorca, 99% of the bay is covered with buoys. Again, the price is 25 € / night in low season. At the far corner of a small anchor space remained where up to 5 ships may lie at anchor. The areas of the buoys is well guarded by the Marineros, not because someone anchored within, then come and do the right clear to everyone "no anchoring". The place itself is quite nice, and there are supermarkets and camping gas 3 kg have to be exchanged for 18 €.

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