Porto Colom to Alcudia
25.05.2013 Leicht bewölkt 22°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 39° 49,8' N 003° 07,8' E
After about a week we leave Porto Colom and want a little further to the east. Our Tablet PC has given up the ghost. Porto Colom we send the unit back to the supplier (Conrad) and we drive until a replacement is because with paper card and a simple GPS. There is little wind and we still come out ahead. In Cala Ratjada we wanted to anchor, but there are too many waves and thus uncomfortable. Suddenly we go further into the Bay of Alcudia. When we arrive in Alcudia, it is already dark and we need three veruche to bring the anchor to hold. For the night, little wind is announced tomorrow and we see again in the anchor. ( )

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