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12.07.2013 Sonne 28°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 40° 34,0' N 008° 18,8' E
Alghero is a few ship chandlers and yacht service companies. We need to replace our gas bottles, two are empty. So go ahead and search for replacement bottles. The first yacht service offers us a bottle for 20 euros. The two Italians call (presumably with her ​​boss) and we get very little of what is being said, at least give us a new one - brought looking bottle, which seems to be empty in weight. We say the two "is empty"! NO NO say the two but the bottle is empty, so € 20 for a blank is indeed what. We let it go and make our way to the nearest dealer. Has a new, with seal, then for 24 €, which are still too much, two blocks away, we find a new, with sealed for 22 €, which we take with. ( )

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