Pollenca - Angela and Klaus come on board
24.06.2013 Sonne 24°C 10 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 54,2' N 003° 05,4' E
We are back in Pollenca. In the coming days we will travel across Menorca to Sardinia. On this trip we have guest on board, Angela and Klaus but for Klaus it is not the first visit with us, 9 years ago, Klaus has driven with us across the Atlantic. The two come by plane from Germany to Palma de Mallorca and then have rented from Germany at the airport a car as Pollenca is indeed away some 60 km from the airport. With the car we can then also easily stash provisions, and also make an island trip. After the two arrived in Pollenca, is seen only once by the ship and the guest cabin. On a cold drink then the latest info be exchanged what does the rest of the day in demanding. The two have brought a few parts for the ship.

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