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After two days, we go to Alghero. Klaus and Angela have their return flight from here, for 35 euro / person with Ryanair. Well a couple of days we stay here, and what worked up. The anchorage outside the harbor front is good, and you can watch the evening and the yacht catcher, like trying to pull ships on land (to make cash on the ships). It's almost like the Caribbean, but here in the Mediterranean actually worse. In Alghero place we find a laundromat, and we start with the wash. With a folding sack barrow we make with pockets on the way. The washing machines are good, Miele Professional, and so the idea comes to us, even to wash all linens times. So, at first from the headsail which are made ​​clear to the fastest and into the washing machine, and the result is great. The following day we build most of the running rigging from (linen) and wash everything. In order to expand the line of rolling mainsail, one has to expand the role of the mast, no big deal, but so does the furler is equal mitgewartet, greased and cleaned. After everything together again makes the cleaning felt good, everything is much easier.

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