Alghero - Bosa
14.07.2013 Sonne 30°C 8 kt NW Actuell Position : 40° 17,0' N 008° 28,2' E
In the afternoon we anchor again in bosa, coming from Alghero, almost at the same place as a pioneer week. As a week ago, the Navy with the three webs is back as empty. We are just good because of a nqchbaryacht makes a dinghy on the way to the marina. Request Already Run the marina at the Los boss newcomers. This makes dermimm3r cares dabeimauf animal, for it is hardly someone is lying on the Steg3n. So what we have not seen yet. There are made ​​that have a communication with each other and know the marina boss, it can be there from the beginning to introduce the dinghy. The following morning we visit with the dinghy Bosa directly. In the afternoon we go to anchor and head south.

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