Bay of Oristano to the south
20.07.2013 Sonne 30°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 11,8' N 008° 23,2' E
Even here in the Bay of Oristano we remain over night and the following morning we continue with South Course. There are 8 nautical miles to the southern end of the bay, then a tongue of land comes on a military is above ground, for the air - is ground combat aircraft. There are to be prohibited areas on the peninsula that are shown in the charts, but nobody cares, because even where fishing is forbidden to lie masses of fishing buoys. We have wind, sometimes a little, sometimes more, usually between 7-15 kt, we ultimately decide we head for the pre-planned destination and get there around 1900 clock there and let the anchor at 6 m deep sand the floor. After more than 40 nm, we stay the night to Sunday are here.

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