The trip to Cagliari
24.07.2013 Sonne 34°C 7 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 52,8' N 008° 51,7' E
After a night in Teulada we go tomorrow go 1000 clock anchor on. we have little wind from astern direction. After the first chapter, we pass two bays where there are also some ships. The following chapter then has a Leuchtrum and off the Cape are some rocks in the water, so we keep the distance. Then comes a small cove with a sandy beach. Meanwhile, the wind has completely subsided and we pick up the sail and set us apart from a sailing yacht at anchor. The next morning, light wind comes on so that we can continue to clock in 1100. The wind is getting better and we are making good progress. On the west side of the Bay of Cagliari is a Raffenerie, and we pass some of the tankers are at anchor here. Around 1600 clock we reach Cagliari and anchor within the harbor (it's big) in the vicinity of some small fishing boats. Once the dinghy is lowered into the water, we make our way to the supermarket (Lidl). The night is quiet and no swell.

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