South of Cagliari
29.07.2013 Sonne 32°C 15 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 07,0' N 009° 31,4' E
South of Cagliari, we are a beach in the western corner of a large Bucht.Der beach is well frequented and it is a hive of drift ashore. In the corner is a small marina with a gas station. We ask if we can get water, then we put on at the gas station and then stash away about 450 liters of water. For the 450 liters of the Marina will have 15 EURO! This is absolutely top for water, the marina itself should cost 60 EURO / night, but it is not so here, even a steep price. As in Spain, the prices of marinas are completely lifted, here. The result shows that all the bars are empty and only if used by local residents, which certainly have to pay a lower price. We leave the bay around noon and go with a good wind to the south-east corner of Sardinia to make the jump from there to Sicily.

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