Palermo Arenella
11.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 5 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 08,9' N 013° 22,4' E
In a suburb of Palermo there is a small anchor field where you can lie at anchor. Otherwise, the Bay of Palermo is quite open to the north and east. On the pier, which is newly built, a gas station was established. We moored up on the 10 m depth and sandy ground. The following day we make our dinghy clear and wanted time to land and see what there was. With the dinghy we drive to the small marina to a floating dock and from there the place. The first thing that strikes us is the garbage, and speak of it and it smells unique. Not far from the Marina is a bus stop. After a short tour in the suburb of Palermo, we still meet with a pair of sailors from Canada, which also lie at anchor and sit in the bar of the Marina. The two have as Canadians an EU issues, because they are now allowed to stay here only 3 months, then their visa runs out. It used to be separate for each country and each 3 months, which is now very difficult to sail here in the 3 months. If only Turkey or Africa start.

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