Strait of Messina, roundabout - Sicily - Italy
25.08.2013 Sonne 29°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 12,0' N 015° 36,3' E
In the Strait of Messina is for commercial vessels, a traffic separation scheme, which means there is a road to the north of the mainland, and a road to the south on the Sicilian side and in the middle is a "green belt" that should not be traveled. Some are made ​​of tons, it is shown in the charts. Then there is a (many) ferries between San Giovanni (mainland) and Messina (Sicily), in addition to car ferries and passenger ferries and train ferries are traveling to then the boats cross the North / South and to then fishing boats and we with the yachts. So that now there is no confusion in the area of ​​a ferry roundabout is set up, as compared with cars but just for ships. Between all the ships we go through further south. After we set sail roundabout and drive about 4 nm to the filling station. Arrived at the marina, we learn that the gas station is closed and there is no diesel until further notice. So go out again and as we have wind, set sail and sail across Southeast course on the Sicilian side. In the evening the wind clock around 1800 falls asleep and we go to press on. Around 22:00 clock we reach the anchor bay of Naxos, here are some yachts anchored, some with anchor light partially also totally in the dark. We moored at 14 m water depth and we have slight swell.

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