Sankt Agata di Militello, Italy - Sicily
18.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 5 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 04,4' N 014° 37,4' E
On the way to the Aeolian island we make a stop in St. Agata di Militello, a small town with few tourists. First, we notice that the pier is much longer and larger than on our charts. There are 200 meters or more, and everything looks pretty new. We are the last hour of machine down because the wind has passed, now we go to the pier and throw around at 7 m water depth the anchor in the huge harbor, which, however, is still open to the NE. Here in the harbor are further 5 yachts. In the rear part are dozens of small boats, buoys at all, and there is a taxi service, the owners brought their boats to the water taxi and picked up again by the pier. With the dinghy ashore and we want to go to the taxi dock and bind to our dinghy at the pier next to the taxi boats. Here at the pier are also other concrete blocks, which are thought to harbor extension. We go to the site and find the supermarket and get there bread and water. On the way home we do not stop in the Tropical Bar, where we meet some nice Sicilian.

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