Aeolian Islands, Italy, north of Sicily - Thunderstorms and Rain
20.08.2013 Wolken, Gewitter und Sonne 27°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 25,2' N 014° 57,1' E
In the morning we start at Cabo de Orlande, target the Literary islands and the island of Vulcano there first. In the north of Volcano, there are two anchorages. In light wind machine at times we drive today. Also it is very Hazy. Around 1500 we clock out of the reach and Vulkano, gray clouds become mist are correct and then mutters on, a storm is brewing. We do talk a precaution all hatches and then comes the rain already, after about two months, the first rain. It really gets water from above. We have now arrived in the western bay and cast anchor the first time in the rain, we are good times for now. After an hour, the rain is over and we go up again to anchor and ride in the East Bay. Once in the other bay, we see a lot of ships, all of which are on buoys, anchors is only possible on 20m deep or more, so that we make back into the western bay on the way and then 40 minutes later as the anchor on 9 to drop m water depth. In the evening, light rain is again called for.

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