Stromboli - Aeolian Islands - Italy
22.08.2013 Sonne 29°C 6 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 48,4' N 015° 14,8' E
Morning at 09:00 clock we left the anchorage on the island of Vulcano, with the aim of Stromboli, an island and even a volcano. First we drive to machine Lipari past, is on the northeast side or pumice was mined. Between Lipari and Stromboli are peculiar smaller and larger island and the islands yachts are traveling a lot, mostly charter yachts. From midday we can sail and then come around 16:00 clock at Stromboli at 17:30 clock and throw the anchor on the southeast side of the volcano on 10 m Wassertiefe.Allerdings not hold the anchor here and we want him to pull back, but the last 8 m of chains including anchor do not want to be lifting. The armature has captured on the seabed which! Next, check to make clear and goggles. The seabed here at the volcano's black and it's hard thing to realize, but you can see large concrete blocks and a tangle of ropes, cables, and wires are slightly up on the ground or swimming. All remnants of a buoy field which was here once and apparently was not profitable. We are building a leash with a chain sling and put the noose around our anchor chain necklace. Then move the chain where the anchor is lifted from the ground, then the chains loop around the anchor and mooring the tow line to deck. Then let out anchor chain and the anchor was already free. We go 100 m and let the anchor fall again and this time holding the anchor. The anchorage at Stromboli is completely open sea, no cover. Only in good weather anchor is possible here tonight are about 40 m yachts here in the open sea.

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