Stromboli - to the mainland
23.08.2013 Sonne 27°C 4 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 36,8' N 015° 50,2' E
Stromboli is an active volcano that you can climb up the afternoon with a guide to the crater, about 1200 m high, and it goes up in serpentines, so about 4 hours to get up then. In the dark, you can sometimes see the red lava. Then the descent is started from 20:00 clock, which is faster. We sit in the cockpit and see flashlights coming down the mountain, there is a chain of lights. We did not go ashore, the anchorage does not invite you to leave the yacht and we want to continue. The following morning we come to anchor on target with the entrance of the Strait of Messina. It's light wind from the wrong direction, from the front. We change slightly the course and create a new destination that fits better to the wind and is on the mainland of Italy. In the late afternoon we arrive at a small bay at Cape Faro Capo Vaticano with sandy beach and many tourists here we stay overnight.

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