On the mainland to the Strait of Messina
24.08.2013 Sonne 27°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 15,1' N 015° 42,5' E
In the morning we start again towards Strait of Messina. Yesterday we passed on floating container ships, several of which are still on the road today. The drive ships to anchor here because it is just too deep (about 1000 m), and so here are some great ships on speech, which all want the big container terminal, we sm happen after a good 10 to port. Most container ships are the shipping company (MSC Mediterain Shipping Company), an Italian shipping company based in Switzerland. On the mainland side of an anchorage is drawn into the card, which is located just outside the town and Scilla we drive. Shortly before Scilla we make the machine and drive the rest of engine, and also we get to talk to feel the flow that prevails in the Strait of Messina, we drive part only 2.5 kt. Also, the anchorage is moved by the flow and there are still other yachts here. ( )

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