Information for yachts to Siracusa, Italy - Sicily
04.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 8 kt NW Actuell Position : 37° 03,4' N 015° 17,0' E
The Bay: The anchorage is safe from all directions, the activation is buoyed in the bay, on the northern peninsula is a green and a red beacon on the south. But WARNING: outside in the amount of old Syracuse is a reef without any labeling, even though in the charts a buoy is located. The Marina: In the northeastern corner is a marina "Marina Yachting Siracusa" with floating pontoons. Next to the Marina is also a petrol station on the pier and the pumps are in metal cabinets, this is not to recognize the station at first glance. Another is located further north in a one piece, connected by a channel with the bay, but only passable dinghy. The other marina we used by locals, is the entrance from the sea. The town pier: After the entrance to the bay, north comes first, the Coast Guard "guardia costiera", begins directly after the town pier. At its northern end are temporarily on cruise ships, otherwise the town pier is free for a few days. Is applied to the rear, ie, bow anchor and stern lines (Roman Catholic). However you should make the weather, with westerly winds, it can be uncomfortable.

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