Supply in Siracusa - Sicily - Italy
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Food: Market Street is parallel to the canal on the Old Town and is open daily in the morning. There are mainly fresh life Mittal offered, East - vegetables - fish and Sicilian specialties. Anywhere else in the city, there are small grocery stores. There are also some major discount stores, such as Carrefour, German, Lidl, Famila, Euros or spin Camor and to name a few. Of the marina from the larger can be reached by bicycle. Mostly you can see from the anchor box, select the name already. In the west of the bay is a small wooden bridge which belongs to a camp for sport boats and on the web you can moor the dinghy through the boat bearing go (we have the owner asked if the OC had to mess with the on your dock) and then go on the road to the right, about 500 meters comes first Lidl, then the other. Carrefour and EUR spin are slightly further away. Ship chandlers: which leads to the Via Malta, the one-way street in the old center is about 300 m from the canal bridge Nautic a small shop that has some already, eg Campingaz. In the marina whose entrance from the outside, there is a shop motors, Volvo Penta and Yanmar. The canal is still a shop, however, is designed more for clothing.

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