Siracusa leaving
12.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 04,5' N 017° 08,1' E
After about three weeks in the bay of Syracuse we make ourselves back on track . In the morning we pull anchor and go under the engine out of the bay . The dinghy is stowed away on the foredeck , the safety lines lie on the deck and everything is clear for a longer cruise. We drive ca40 ° , northeast and coarse goal is Corfu, or a place on the course , depending on weather conditions and how we move forward. After 2 hours, motor drive, we try sailing, but this is slow and at times not feasible to little wind. It is also the night light winds . On the afternoon of the following day we see a storm front coming our way , then the wind also increases sharply , reaches to 40 kt and it rains , it pours better . Since the storm was indeed to see, we were able to advance the sails reefed ( make smaller ) and so the 40 kt were not a problem, however, even after rain and clouds are gone , the wind still good at 30 kt and seas always continues to . We decide to go sailing with little to Crotone , which are about 15 nm and close in just over 2 hours, even if it is dark then . The entrance is large , are only rig on our course . The islands have navigation lights that light up in the manner of Morse code , here is the metro ( short - short - long). We are at anchor before the town , there is no wind and no wave here .

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