Siracusa - boats of refugees from Africa
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Syracuse is located in the south of Sicily and is therefore like a port of the so-called " boat people " on the Africa - so come Libya, Tunisia and Algeria to Europe. At first we did not understand the scenario on land, with some Coast Guard vessels, Uniformed ashore, with tent and lots of people and cars. From our anchorage was made ​​not to recognize what was going on. When, two days later the whole expired again, we had a guess, which was then confirmed by a friend and did it in more detail. Every week in the summer two to three boats in Syracuse where board between 200 and 500 refugees. In the autumn, spring and winter when the wind picks up , the crossing is not always harmless. Boats moored here will arrive at a pier, waiting for scrapping. Previously they sold the boats. But it turned out that exactly these boats were sold back to Africa only to be used for the same purpose again.

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