Kerkyla to Lefkas
19.09.2013 Sonne 22°C 17 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 49,9' N 020° 42,7' E
We arrived in Lafkada middle of the night, now in the morning you can see everything better. Yet we are moored in front of the place. At the town pier some places become available around noon, and we embarrassed ourselves at times of the pier. It's nice just to go ashore without dinghy, but there are also disadvantages, the neighbors are close by, and come by and go to the pier, it comes despite fender to touch, light or heavy. It is partly a crush on or in store. We stay one night then it is too much, and we go a bit further at anchor, so you have space and tranquility. There are many bars and restaurants in town, there is living in Lefada-Lefkas.

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