Lefkada to Vliho
21.09.2013 Sonne 25°C 10 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 40,9' N 020° 42,0' E
We need water, our tanks are almost empty. On Friday we had the idea at the gas station and a little water to diesel bunkers, but that was nothing. Saturday change the charter ships, the crew what that means Friday afternoon all come back to the harbor, and they all want - need to refuel. That was at a gas station, hustle, applied 20 yachts and 20 still waiting position, you have to not do that to yourself, now a day later, everything is empty. We go in peace alongside and get fuel, water and the ship can also wash off with water. Then it goes on to Vliho 10 nm, where we want to meet a friend, we have seen most recently in Venezuela in 2005. With little wind and engine support, we are around 1500 clock in the closed bay of Vliho and let the anchor fall at 6 m depth. Bernd has also recognized us and come visit us later.

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