Scooter tour Lefkas
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Let us look at the island of Lefkas times from land. In Nidri we hire for 12 euros per day a scooter, including everything. We also get a helmet each, which is not really common here in Lefkas, all go here with moped, scooter or motorcycle without a helmet. first we drive to Lefkada and from there towards Preveza. At Preveza airport over to the shipyards, Kleoprata, shareholders and Ionia yards. We look at the shipyards and are impressed by what we see rarely seen such a tidy yard. then we go back to Lefkas, and make a small tour of the island, which also until shortly before the summit (1200 m high) brings us, then back down at the height of sea level. At dawn we are at 7 hr ride back to the boat.

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