Solar cells
11.11.2013 Sonne 16°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 38° 40,9' N 020° 42,0' E
Electricity comes from the socket:. Yes it is often, but not on ships, and not by itself. The current must be "produced". With the engine having a generator or by solar cells. All variants have their pros and cons. We have had good experience with solar panels and want to grow some of them again. The prices have fallen sharply in recent years / months and so we ordered 2 Monokristaline cells with 130 W by prices for 1 EURO / Watt than the current solar more economically than is, 4 years ago we were still at 5 EURO / watt. The two cells we have installed on our short Bimini and connected via a regulator to the battery. ( )

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