Out of the water / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza
01.04.2014 Sonne 17°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 57,1' N 020° 45,7' E
After 4 months in the Lefkas - Marina in Lefkada our time is off on 31 March and we went on 1.4 in the yard - CLEOPATRA Marina - Engaged to come out of the water. The travel lift time is 0900 clock in the morning and so we leave on March 31 at 1300 clock and sail most of the time under sails the 8 sm to Preveza. Overnight we anchor in front of the yard , just before 0900 on April 1, we drive to the Travel Box, where we are already expected. The team speaks German and English so all this is pretty simple. The travel lift over the ship and the straps Quick is placed on the right position. Crane starts and the Praislin stands out from the water. After about two years and 4 months in the water standing in the marina is something natural growth on the hull , with the high-pressure cleaning the hull on the whole is then be clean then . With the truck tractor then goes to the parking lot where the Praslin is placed on a pedestal . Now, some days off work started. ( )

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