On shore / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza
05.04.2014 Sonne 18°C 9 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 57,1' N 020° 45,7' E
The Praslin get new antifouling, new seacocks and more. In the yard is driving rain, to many ships being worked on. The charter company Sunsail and Morrings here are now all be prepared for the 2014 season with a large number of yachts. This is almost always of Roberston / Caine Morrings / Sunsail for monohulls and also catamarans - waiting for Leopard Catamarans come addition to the small yachts are also larger yachts and commercial vessels. The yard has a 50 tons travel lift and a 300 tons travel lift, with the big ferries can then be placed on land here as an example hydrofoil. The yard has power to appoint a well-stocked ship merchant who has many are in stock or at short notice first parts, which was what we needed everything in stock and priced very reasonable. WE CAN ONLY SHARE THE SHIPYARD. There is also a technical department that offers all repairs around ships. ( )

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