Back into the water / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza
07.04.2014 Sonne 19°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 57,1' N 020° 45,7' E
After 6 days on land, we are a day early finish and can as early as Monday back into the water. The antifouling is repainted the hull polished, replaced all seacocks and a grounding plate is installed. Mondays at 1200 clock is the date for launching is. The crane truck comes and goes for the Praslin Travel-lift, as the die faces are still painted with Antifouing and bottom of the keel is still deleted, then it goes back into the water. Check all seacocks and then start the machine, everything works and is tight, and so we say goodbye to the shipyard, which can only recommend and go short at the town pier in Preveza. In the afternoon we drive to Lefkada and go there on the town pier. ( )

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