Ithaka - Vathy
15.04.2014 Wolken 15°C 15 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 21,9' N 020° 42,9' E
We leave now entgültig Lefkas and go south, our next Zeil is Ítaka because Odysses to come forth. With machine it goes into the channel between Meganissi and Lefkas. Here are the first Sunsail are - yachts go, we see this year. We ride under sail to Vathy, the main town in Ítaka. Once there, we go to the town pier, which is still empty and put us next to a well-known yacht, a Dutch couple in the Lefkada on the same bridge was now located here as well. In the afternoon, as running with and with the Sunsail Flotilla in order the ten yachts, so it will be full.

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