Missolonghi - Μεσολόγγι
19.04.2014 Wolken 15°C 15 kt SW Actuell Position : 38° 21,7' N 021° 25,5' E
Meselongi located at the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth. There was once a Lagoon city is connected by sand but now with the mainland. The entrance is emphasized, sometimes driving commercial vessels after Meselongi, and the fairway is dredged. The basin is correspondingly large. To the west there is a marina with shipyard which is clearly visible at the related land yachts. Just outside of town is the pier for commercial vessels, and right toward the east part of the town pier is designated for yachts. On the wall large car tires are fitted as Fender, which make nice big black stripes!. The water depth is 4m. In April is not busy and we were able to invest alongside. Cost is 5 euros per day. The place has a large pedestrian area with many restaurants, bars, and restaurants.

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