Trizonia , the island in the Gulf of Corinth
20.04.2014 Wolken 19°C 12 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 22,1' N 022° 04,6' E
From Messelonghi continue after Trizonia with wind astern under the bridge that goes from the mainland to Peloponnesus . All long-distance buses , for example, want of Lefkas , Preveza to Athens , need to then return later via the bridge from the canal of Corinth to mainland back over this bridge . In Trizonia we will dock in an unfinished marina in the late afternoon . Of these there are several marinas in Greece, they cost nothing . We can but tell us sometimes come unauthorized profiteer who try to make money . We look forward to a safe place for the night . Located in the harbor is a lost Ketch , only the masts still look out of the water . The lighting in the marina is turned on at night. Electricity and water are not available in the marina. Many nice restaurants are located on the side facing the mainland. There is even a small mini market. Small ferries run several times a day to the mainland.

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