Corinth Canal - 40 ft -> 177 €
24.04.2014 Sonne und Wolken 18°C 20 kt W Actuell Position : 37° 56,0' N 022° 59,0' E
In the morning, at eight clock we want to go. When we see our deck, we are amazed clay dust covered the entire ship, the pier has a slight red coat. We unpack the water hose and wash the whole ship from. After 30 minutes, we cast off and set sail. for aft winds around 20 kt, we quickly come to the Corinth Canal. For the drive-through for a 40 ft yacht is to pay 177 EURO in April 2014. From the West coming you have to call on VHF Ch 14 the "Canal Trafic", then the entrance is free and lowers the bridge. In the east, then one applies it to the pier and goes to the office for the fees to be paid.

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