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We want to visit the city and the Acropolis. We see no way near Athens we do not want to anchor the yacht let alone all day . We decide for three days in the Marina to go out and hollow us in time of several marinas offers. The Athens Marina, a marina for mega yachts is the Cheapest , costs 38 EUR / day (without water and electricity) , plus there is a bottle as a gift Metaxxa and a current yacht newspaper. We Locate alongside with yet another sailing yacht in front Haven next mega yachts. This harbor was built for the Olympic Games in 2004 and is right next to the Olympic Hall . In the rear port are small to medium sized motor yachts. From the harbor us a helper comes with a boat contrary , shows us the space to stand on the bridge and take our linen two helpers . It all goes quite quickly . Barely made ​​it firmly provides us with to drive by car to the Office for registration . We get an information sheet and also a plan for the subway. To the underground , you will pass the Olympic Hall and is there in about 5-10 minutes. For 1.40 EUR you can pull a ticket with which you can use 1 1/ 2 hours the train . After about 20 minutes we are at the Acropolis and pay 12 EUR each entry . With the subway you can also drive to the new airport but quite far away.

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