Chalcis - Kanithos / Χαλκιδα - Κανηθος
06.05.2014 Sonne 20°C 14 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 27,3' N 023° 35,4' E
Like two days before the forecast is still popular with a lot of wind , but north of our position should it be more less. Eretria is protected, but the underwater ground does not seem quite perfect, we have 2 times the anchor down before the was reasonably determined . At 15 kt wind from the north, we sail the 12 nm to Chalcis. It is cloudy when we lift the anchor and left the harbor area by engine. Outside, we set the sails, but reefed and so we go almost on track with 5 kt. After two hours we are at the first bottleneck to pass this we throw at the engine and go under motor the short distance and then again to set sail . After 2 sm then the cement factory to port and still around the next corner then the first fractions ( 36 m headroom ), and now follows the big anchor bay before the second bridge , which is closed during the day. We decide to drive to the small marina and moor at a dock.

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