Chalcis - Marina
07.05.2014 Sonne 20°C 16 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 27,3' N 023° 35,4' E
Marina: There are moorings, but the outer berth of the first pontoon have none! We had a mooring next to, since the auxiliary rope was too short, otherwise the mooring was the best. The pontoons are made ​​of concrete and looking very well. Prices: The marina is the first day free of charge, from the second day costs the Marina 0.615 ct / m / day including taxes. This includes the toilet and shower included. Water is to get it for € 3.74 / 1,000 liters and power there for 30 ct / kWh, both with a chip card costs € 10. The marina has showers and toilets in a building on the pier. At the gate ot the street is a little house, which you have to check in, and that is oopen from 0800-1600 clock. In the city you can just walk and to the barracks is a ship chandlers and then a lot of bars, restaurants and shops.

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