Chalcis - Bridge
09.05.2014 Sonne 22°C 12 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 27,8' N 023° 35,6' E
Basically, the bridge in Chalkis opens only at night , during the day have cars and pedestrians take precedence. The transit costs money , we have 8 to € 18.77 paid, it may be from 15 to more and on Sundays also . To pay you have to port police , near the bridge ( see picture). To sign the ship's papers , submit the certificate of insurance and the Greek Klarierungspapier . Then there's a briefing , and the contact on VHF Ch 12 runs . From 1600 clock the office of the Port Police is open and ask for the passage at night . Lying commercial vessels in the bay , the bridge is expected to open. In the summer, almost daily , in winter it can take up to 3 days up to an opening. In our required dates on Friday are two commercial vessels outside and a yacht at the pier on the south side. The docks for yachts are marked with red color, yellow is for commercial vessels . These marks at the pier in the South as in the North. At 2100 clock should be followed by a call control , which was then forgotten. We go after 1900 clock from the marina and put us next to the bridge at the railway station at anchor. At about 00:30 clock then the opening was announced shortly after it goes without further contacts quite quickly. we lift the anchor and then go have both commercial vessels through , we then afterwards . Ultimately, everything was pretty easy, even if the port police was not heard much on VHF.

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