Vathra - Orm Amirou
14.05.2014 Sonne 29°C 42 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 37,8' N 023° 06,5' E
Tomorrow there will be a lot of wind, the weather forecast talks of 35-45 kt from west or south-west directions. Only 3 miles away is an Anchor Bay, large and the water depth also fits protected to the west, and therefore perfectly suitable for the weather forecast. In the afternoon we lift the anchor and leave Theologos and sail the 3 nautical miles to the west. We lie down in the middle of the bay, can be good 60 m chain fall and wait. The next morning also starts like the wind predicted. We measure in our Max 42 kt in gusts and longer periods by 35 kt. There are also sometimes called "flying water". Due to the proximity to land, no large wave can build up and it can be good at anchor. We stay two days are here and work on the internet.

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