Aghios Efstratios
01.06.2014 Sonne und Wolken 22°C 21 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 32,4' N 024° 59,2' E
From the beautiful and safe natural bay in the north of Pelagonisi we arrive in Evstratios the early evening. From a distance we see already being worked on the port. With high stern waves we surf just past a tug in the harbor. There is a small inner harbor and an already extended quay wall which is now to be enlarged again by the double. The small inner harbor is full of fishing boats. There is space where a yacht can moor alongside and possibly may cling to it the second. Water depth of about 3 m. At the quay wall is already extended the ferry. The ferry runs every day going at 6 clock and comes back 17 against clock in the afternoon. During this time, it is possible to moor next to the ferry on the inner wall. When we arrive in the early evening is the ferry back already, so that the mooring lines are blocking the way in to us moor beside her. The small inner harbor is full. Anchor outside is not possible at the high incoming waves. We make us finally secured to a barge. In the evening we have to climb over two barges to come ashore.

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