Wind pants and Agios Efstratios
02.06.2014 Sonne und Wolken 21°C 21 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 30,2' N 025° 09,5' E
The next morning we are woken at 6:30 clock. The work will continue and we will be asked to make us go. Only now we see how dirty the Praslin and also the Fender. We are just times out and about 4 nm to Lesbos as we have a dark squall line ahead of us. Seehose: A dark corner protrudes from the dark storm front out down and develops in just a few minutes to a Seahose. We have them right in front of our bow. We quickly get the sails down, throw on the engine and drive back to Evstratios. The ferry is gone and we directly make us firmly aside and decide the next day to continue. Now we have more time to visit the village. We are very surprised how clean and beautiful the place. Right on the harbor starts the pedestrian zone, a village square, decorated with plants where the post office and church. Next is cute little family houses close to. The place has two small parks, children's playground and a mini market where you can buy the essentials. In the pile there are several restaurants. We want to visit the ruins of the old village above the new village. This village was destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. A staircase, right on the harbor leads steeply uphill, initially well developed, later train guards but significantly destroyed to the church. Just the beautiful view of the town, harbor and the sea is worth the climb.

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