Mykonos - City
17.07.2014 Sonne 26°C 23 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 27,9' N 025° 19,6' E
From the Ornos bay west we want to sail around the island to the main town. But the sail is only the first piece, then the wind is against us and we go by engine on. Since many free places, we are quite early to arrive at the Marina in Mykonos available. Again, it is a so-called EU Marina which is not completed. With our friends we go to the city on the island of Mykonos. Everything is painted white and it makes a strong impression tourist. We walk through the old streets and everything is clean and there are a lot of business, bars and restaurants. Out on reede are cruise ships and several thousand visitors so here, it is full, very unusual for us as yachties.

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