Leuchat (FR) - Pirna Costa (ES)
23.10.2015 Sonne 22°C 30 kt NW Actuell Position : 42° 17,1' N 003° 16,9' E
For the next few days a lot of wind is announced and so we want to stay in Leuchat. We ride with our bicycles in the city which is quite extinct at this time and the beach is also empty. After two days with wind over 30 kt we go on the third day continue towards to Spain. Also in the morning there are 30 kt wind from north at the entrance even after 5 sm the wind goes down to 15 kt. With 15 kt we are making good speed. In the afternoon we arrive at the foot of the Pyrenees, small bays over and then we change our plans and go in the bay of Pirna Costa to anchor around 15 m depth. ( )

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